About Docly

Docly is a corporate spin-off from Min Doktor — the pioneering Swedish digital healthcare provider.

Our industry-leading digital platform has helped more than 1 million patients since it launched in 2013

Docly was created in 2018 to offer a proven, high-quality digital healthcare platform to care providers, government bodies, and private organisations in Europe and beyond.

The Docly platform streamlines the work of healthcare professionals — enabling them to focus on caring for more patients — quickly and efficiently.

Digital care with a human touch

Digital healthcare should be easy and intuitive — whether you’re giving or receiving care — our platform is tried and trusted to put good health within reach for everyone, everywhere.


Docly Healthcare AB

Docly (International), Founded 2018
Mindoktor (Sweden), Founded in 2013


Founders, team members, business angels, institutional investors Docly Top Executives Team and Board Members Founder

Docly Top Executives Team and Board Members


Roger Jansson

Chief Financial Officer

Fredrik Meurling

Chief Product Officer

Jonas Sellergren

Chief Technology Officer

Hampus Persson

Head of Legal

Diana Melander

Chairman of the Board

Andy Williams

Other Board Members

Magnus Nyhlén, Lars Jörnow, Pontus Bodelsson, Mårten Forste


Magnus Nyhlén

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