About Docly

Docly is a corporate spin-off from Min Doktor — the pioneering Swedish digital healthcare provider.

Our industry-leading digital platform has helped more than 500,000 patients since it was launched in 2013.

Docly was created in 2018 to offer a proven, high-quality digital healthcare solution to patients, government bodies and private organisations in Europe and beyond.

Docly's ‘Time To Care’ concept streamlines the work of healthcare professionals — offering structured data collection, analysis and quality improvement, enabling them to focus on caring for more patients — quickly and efficiently.

Digitalisation of healthcare

Healthcare systems across the globe are under increasing pressure to cope. An ageing population and health problems due to modern lifestyles are placing huge demands on our traditional ways of caring for people.

Multiple studies have shown that by utilising tech and digital solutions, significant savings can be made to healthcare budgets.

Digital consultations — such as Docly's text-based model — are now an essential element of healthcare's digital age. It's time to care.

Key Facts & Figures

Worldwide, we've taken care of over 500,000 people and counting

We want to make quality healthcare accessible to everyone — from anywhere, easily and with empathy. A new type of healthcare that's in harmony with your daily life. Healthcare that's better for you, better for healthcare professionals and, of course, better for society.


  • Docly Healthcare AB
  • Docly (International), Founded 2018
    Mindoktor (Sweden), Founded in 2013

  • Owners

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  • Docly Top Executives Team and Board Members
  • Founder

    Magnus Nyhlén

  • CEO

    Roger Jansson

  • Chairman of the Board

    Andy Williams

  • Other Board Members

    Magnus Nyhlén, Lars Jörnow, Pontus Bodelsson, Mårten Forste

  • Chief Financial Officer

    Fredrik Meurling

  • Head of Legal & DPO

    Diana Melander

  • Head of People and Culture

    Martin Sandberg

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